Mountainview Lake Protection Association
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Moutainview Lake Water Quality Preservation 
and Safety Guidelines

Because our lake is small and shallow, it is especially important 
to observe basic safety guidelines to help prevent accidents and 
to preserve the quality of our lake water.

  • Power boats should proceed counter-clockwise around the lake. It is suggested that only two (at most, three) ski boats be operating on the lake at any one time.

  • STATE LAW: Unless operated at headway speed (minimum to control steering or 6 MPH), boats should be at least 150 feet from swimming rafts, floats outlining a swimming area, docks, or shoreline.

  • STATE LAW: Boats towing water skiers, tubes, boards etc. must have an observer 13 years or older for each person being towed. Observers are in addition to the boat operator. Skiers should be released 150 feet from shore.

  • STATE LAW: NO boating at night without lights; water skiing and ski craft may operate ONLY between sunrise and sunset.
  *Ski craft are vessels less than 13 feet in length that are capable of exceeding 20 MPH and have the capacity to carry an
     operator and 

  • STATE LAW: Ski craft cannot be operated within 150 feet of another ski craft, or boat, rafts, or swimmers unless running at headway speed.

  • STATE LAW: The operator of a ski craft must wear a US Coast Guard Approved Type I, II, or III personal flotation device (life jacket) at all times.

  • STATE LAW: No one under the age of 16 may legally operate ski craft on NH lakes, ponds or rivers, unless accompanied by an adult. 

  • Damage from boat wake is the responsibility of the boat operator. Wakes and waves from power craft can damage floating docks and impact shoreline.

  • Stirring up the lake bottom (caused by excessive speed and wake crossing) can produce algae blooms that are toxic to humans and pets and reduce the clarity of the lake overall.