Mountainview Lake Protection Association
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About Mountainview Lake Protection Association
The Mountainview Lake Protection Association (Association) was established to:

     - maintain, improve and protect all ecological factors of Mountainview Lake and         its surroundings
     - promote safe recreational use on the lake
    -  aid in the protecting of both real and personal property owned by any and all in         the vicinity
    -  provide information to aid in fulfillment of the above purposes. 

Membership to the Association is be open to all landowners whose land borders or is in the vicinity of Mountainview Lake.  Dues are $25 per year and should be paid by August 1.  The dues fund the water testing program that is done each year to help monitor the water quality and health of the lake. 

An annual meeting of the Association is held every year around the Fourth of July, generally on a Saturday morning.  A meeting notice will be emailed to all members and a sign placed near the beginning of Hamel Road.  All members are invited to attend.  The annual water test results are presented at this meeting.
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Board of Directors

President–Nancy Steproe 
Vice President–Julia Magee 
Treasurer–Ruth Linder 
Secretary–Holly Lowe-Adamy  

 At Large: 
David Campbell 
John Quinn 
Ward Bennett  
Jim Segalini 
Carole Hirsch